Anti-Racist Motion

Anti-Racist Motion

Presented at the March 20, 2021 Scarborough-Rouge Park Ontario NDP AGM.



Whereas Asian women working in Asian massage parlours were targeted and murdered in Atlanta.

Whereas White Supremacy in public spaces is creating unsafe, hateful conditions for members of the Asian Community.

Whereas Anti-Racism calls for the emancipation and solidarity of all Black, Indigenous, People of Colour, and Racialized Folks.



Let it be resolved that the Scarborough-Rouge Park Ontario NDP stands strongly against White Supremacy as a series of systems, actions, and ideas that are the major contributor to Anti-Black, Anti-Indidgenous, Anti-Asian, Anti-Newcomer hatred and more. We as a Riding Association do not tolerate this hatred and actively seek emancipation for all peoples and the dismantling of oppressive systems, ideas, and policies. We acknowledge and grieve the targeted murder of Asian women in Atlanta and condemn White Terrorism that can and does happen in Canada.


Moved: Brian Chang

Seconded: Ellen Jaaku

Passed Unanimously 

On March 20, 2020 at the Scarborough-Rouge Park Ontario NDP 2021 AGM, the Executive presented this motion to the membership under other business in recognition of the White Terrorist targeting of Asian Women in Asian Massage Parlours in Atlanta. The Executive and Membership unanimously supported the motion. 


There are many organizations that support East and South-East Asians in Ontario and Canada. We've listed a few of the organizations below:

Asian Community AIDS Services - Serving all genders and gender identities in sexual health, sexual health education, support programs, HIV/AIDS supports, and more. 

Black Lives Matter - A radical grassroots organization of Black people fighting for the emancipation of Black, Indigenous, and People of Colour. 

Butterfly Asian and Migrant Sex Worker Support Network - Sex workers, social workers, legal, and health professionals supporting and advocating for the the rights of Asian and Migrant Sex Workers. Sex work is work!

Chinese and Southeast Asian Legal Aid Clinic - A free community legal clinic funded by the Legal Aid system of Ontario serving issues, policy, analysis, and evaluation of policies and legal issues facing Chinese and Southeast Asians in Ontario.

Chinese Canadian National Council - A Cultural and Social civil rights organization building political awareness, advocacy, and leadership skills amongst Chinese Canadians.

Migrant Workers Alliance for Change - Supporters and advocates for justice for Migrant workers, documented and undocumented, who work and contribute to vibrant, healthy, fed, clean lives for Canadian families with farm labour, healthcare, childcare, caregiving, education, homecare, and more.

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